The Evolving Economy: How companies are navigating long-term trends

New technologies and demographic shifts have changed the ways that companies behave, as they seek to take advantage of long-term trends. Many have taken steps to adapt the way they operate, and the goods and services they offer, to navigate the new evolving economy. New businesses have sprung up, while at the same time, companies that still generate most of their revenues from a traditional business or product are making great strides into new industries or customer bases that may make them a compelling long-term investment.

In this video, find out more about how markets and companies have evolved over time, and how the investment universe is changing as a result.

Companies are growing ever more global and multi-sector in their approach, but many investors’ approach to equities remains the same. We’ve identified five themes that we believe will shape the way companies operate in future, which will also have a radical impact on equity investors: automation, the connected consumer, ageing and lifestyle, cleantech and transitioning societies. We call these themes the Evolving Economy.