Robotics and Fintech: Shaping Asia’s Future

Asia's growing population, expanding economy and its new found place at the forefront of digital innovation is causing the global economy to tilt ever more eastward. Singapore sits at the heart of this new world.

In this video, produced in partnership with Bloomberg, we meet the owners of two disruptive businesses harnessing digital technology to benefit the lives of people in Singapore, and beyond.

From a pioneering robotics startup helping Asia's growing, aging population, to a fintech firm planning to empower millions of Asians without access to banking services.

An investment perspective is provided by an independent expert who outlines the immense impact digital technology is having across Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our contributors:

Caecilia Chu, cofounder and CEO of mobile currency service YouTrip, talks from personal experience as she relates how an increasingly mobile-first population and the need to help Asia's huge unbanked population led her to create a fintech business.

Jane Wang, cofounder and CEO of Roceso Technologies reveals how Asia's growing, aging population inspired her to develop robotic technology that helps elderly patients, as well as those who have suffered strokes or have poor mobility, to regain their strength and restore their quality of life.

Jason Davis, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at leading international business school INSEAD, gives the macro view on the level of investment in digital technology in Southeast Asia. He also offers insight into what makes Singapore such an attractive destination for digital technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors.