What are equities?

Equites, also known as shares, are issued by companies looking to raise cash and listed on a stock exchange.

When you buy a share, you invest in a small piece of the company issuing the equity, making you a shareholder in that firm.  People invest in shares because, broadly speaking, over the long term they have the potential to deliver a better return than cash savings. In addition, while investors can make money from share price growth, many companies also pay dividends too, in other words they share their profits with their investors.


Framlington Equities

With more than four decades of active equity investment experience, our experts employ a bottom-up investment approach with the aim of helping clients successfully navigate the changing investment landscape and capture the growth drivers of tomorrow.

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Rosenberg Equities

To identify investment opportunities, our quantitative investing pioneers use technology and modelling to deliver fundamental strategies underpinned by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

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