Small Cap Equities

What is Active Systematic Alpha?

A benchmark-relative investment strategy designed to outperform a given benchmark by identifying fundamentally attractive stocks.

Why consider Systematic Alpha strategies?

Our Systematic Alpha strategies provide investors seeking core equity exposure with the potential for alpha across regional, emerging and global equity markets.

Our approach to Systematic Alpha

While benchmark relative, our Systematic Alpha strategies seek attractive investment opportunities from a wider investment universe than just the benchmark and aim to hold active positions in stocks that display the characteristics we believe lead to long-term outperformance. All portfolios are well diversified and focused on identifying stocks with attractive valuations and good earnings prospects.

Small Cap

We believe our systematic approach to investing is well suited to identify opportunities amongst smaller companies. The use of technology gives our research tremendous breadth and depth, which is a particular advantage when investing in smaller companies: we currently cover an investment universe of more than 12,000 Small Cap stocks. As such, we may be able to capture investment opportunities others may overlook and can build well-diversified exposure to undervalued smaller companies across both developed and emerging markets globally.

Large Cap

Rosenberg Equities has been managing Large Cap strategies since 1985, starting in the US before expanding globally. We use advanced modelling techniques to identify investment opportunities across 8,000 of the world’s largest companies, providing core exposure to both developed and emerging markets with a modest value tilt.   

Enhanced Index

Our Enhanced Index strategies are low tracking error strategies which seek to deliver benchmark-like portfolios yet retain the ability to generate modest excess returns. Aimed at investors looking for a low-cost exposure to equities with low active risk, the strategy combines the benefits of passive investing with the best of active investing.