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The Evolving Economy

How education could change after coronavirus: E-learning platforms, tools and strategies

The pandemic has forced schools and universities all over the world to forge ahead with digital learning. But what we are experiencing in the COVID-19 emergency is perhaps only the beginning of one o ...

The Evolving Economy

Post-COVID-19, innovation in healthcare is here to stay

As the coronavirus pandemic has developed, we have been inspired by the coordinated response of healthcare providers, diagnostic testing companies and the biopharmaceutical industry.

The Evolving Economy

The Evolving Economy: How companies are navigating long-term trends

In this video, find out more about how markets and companies have evolved over time, and how the investment universe is changing as a result.

The Evolving Economy

How COVID-19 might impact the longevity economy

Healthcare has come under the spotlight during the coronavirus pandemic, as the sector is seen as a key part of the solution to global health emergency.

Responsible investment

Data privacy during COVID-19: Trust is hard earned – but easily lost

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted millions of people to work from home, do their shopping online, and communicate with friends and family through websites and apps that they hadn’t used before &# ...

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Greening the recovery

The economic shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep fall in greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Estimates suggest it has fallen by a quarter.

Rosenberg equities

The language of a crisis

Alongside rigorous financial statement analysis, the detailed evaluation of text data has become an important part of Rosenberg Equities’ research and investment process.

The Evolving Economy

Everyday Artificial Intelligence: From Hype to Reality

Los Angeles, 2019: a rain-soaked metropolis of flying cars, street food markets and androids hiding in plain sight. Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie, offered a dystopian view of a future popul ...

The Evolving Economy

Is a vaccine for coronavirus on its way, and what are the challenges?

The first potential vaccine for COVID-19, called mRNA-1273, has started human clinical trials. This is a crucial step in drug development and means that healthy volunteers will test the vaccine’s saf ...

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