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The Evolving Economy

A Few Hundred Billion Dollars Won’t Fix All the Shortages

Governments are making multibillion-dollar announcements to deal with the global chip shortage. That's unlikely to help at this point and only risks muddying priorities for the future.

Tomorrow Augmented

Climate Change Is Making the U.S. Poorer Than It Realizes

The trillion-dollar spending package that the Senate has passed along to the House is being described as a once-in-a-generation fix for America’s deteriorating infrastructure. It should be viewed as ...

Tomorrow Augmented

Ten Talismans for a New Understanding of Cities in Post-pandemic Times

Living in urban areas has been redefined by the Covid-19 pandemic. Dagmar Haase is a professor of Landscape Ecology at Humboldt University of Berlin, and the recipient of an AXA Research Fund award f ...

Tomorrow Augmented

Why scale matters in the evolving landscape of cashless payments

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the move to a cashless society. But while we believe this transition will create new investment opportunities, it also means fresh challenges and ...

Market thinking

Genetics: An exciting and investable theme

Depending on how long ago you last attended a biology lesson, messenger RNA (‘mRNA’) was probably not a term many of us would have been particularly familiar with a couple of years ago. That changed ...

Responsible investment

Biden’s Electric-Vehicle Target Is All About the Drive

A certain school of thought holds long-term targets as meaningless, as the people making them will no longer be in their job by the time they are proved right or wrong. That’s especially the case for ...

Tomorrow Augmented

Clean winner: the global transition to carbon neutrality represents a huge opportunity for growth

As governments around the world ramp up investment in green energy, the demand for clean technologies is set to increase

The Evolving Economy

The expanding middle class: why global affluence is a developing trend

Despite Covid-19 sending 100 million back into poverty, society is getting wealthier over the long term Over the past few decades, a quiet revolution in living standards has been transforming the w ...

The Evolving Economy

How we’re living smarter: The rise of home automation

Last year, as coronavirus tore through the global economy and bricks-and-mortar businesses fell into a deep paralysis, one sector went from strength to strength: smart devices for the home.