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Responsible investment

30 March 2020

How Impact Investing feeds the engine for the sustainability era

Impact investment is really all about seeking financial returns by tapping into one of the grand themes of this century – it just happens to be a theme defined by our transition to a more sust ...

Diversity and inclusion

25 March 2020

Gender equality in Japan: Can ‘Womenomics’ deliver?

The gender pay gap in Japan is the third highest amongst the world’s major developed economies . Traditionally, women gave up their careers at marriage or at the birth of their first child. This is p ...

The Evolving Economy

04 March 2020

How the digital economy is aiding the fight against the coronavirus outbreak

Although the situation is still unfolding, we have observed the significant role that digital technology has played in the fight against the outbreak thus far.

Responsible investment

02 March 2020

The effects of Asia’s megacities on climate change

By 2025, Asia will be home to 33 of the world’s 49 megacities.

Investor thinking

19 February 2020

What is the 2019 Word of the Year?

So what have companies been talking about in 2019? Our analysis of the transcripts has revealed that the ‘Word of the Year’ for 2019 is ‘macro’.

The Evolving Economy

12 February 2020

How digital transformation is changing Asia’s economy

Robotics in Japan, a growing Chinese middle class and huge diversity: find out why digital transformation investors look set to focus on Asia in the 2020s.

The Evolving Economy

03 February 2020

What does longevity mean to ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Koh Chieng Mun?

Koh Chieng Mun, one of the stars of the hit Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians, recently spoke at an AXA IM event in Singapore.

Diversity and inclusion

15 January 2020

China: Gender equality begins in the womb, and continues through life

The challenges for women in China start from birth, where selective abortions have led to a skew in the number of baby girls born compared to boys.

The Evolving Economy

13 January 2020

The transformation of retail banking in a digital world

This is true in today’s increasingly digital world, where retail banks globally are faced with ongoing advances in technology, which are shifting customers’ expectations - and changing the regulatory ...

Responsible investment

08 January 2020

Bringing an 'impact' mindset to listed equities

It’s time to rethink the purpose of investing.

The Evolving Economy

06 January 2020

Asia taps new technologies to drive growth and transform economies

Financial technology, or fintech, is creating business opportunities and driving engagement across much of Asia. It’s borne of necessity as much as anything, particularly in the region’s less develop ...

The Evolving Economy

16 December 2019

The right healthcare: A decisive factor in successful ageing

Norman Yao and Somesh Chandra, AXA specialists in Hong Kong and European markets respectively, describe the evolution in elderly care.

The Evolving Economy

04 December 2019

Cord cutters: How streaming services are changing the television industry

Now, thanks to video streaming services, viewers can choose to watch their favourite show pretty much whenever, wherever they like – be it on their smart phone, tablet or laptop, at home or on ...

Diversity and inclusion

02 December 2019

The Lagarde effect: Identifying true gender diversity in business

How can individuals identify truly inclusive companies - and why does corporate diversity matter?

Responsible investment

25 November 2019

Financing brown to green: Guidelines for Transition Bonds

Financing the fight against climate change needs to shift up a gear and evolve. Since the introduction of green bonds, capital markets have made great strides in recent years to ensure that investmen ...

The Evolving Economy

21 November 2019

Adult education: Why learning is a lifelong virtue

As students and pupils across the globe are in school, we should spare a thought for the older generation. Those aged 50 plus are increasingly interested in further education – and might actua ...

The Evolving Economy

07 November 2019

Singles Day: An e-commerce retail phenomenon that mirrors China’s growth

How did Singles Day become the world’s largest online shopping day? How does it influence e-commerce and digitalisation?

The Evolving Economy

31 October 2019

Singapore knocks US off top spot as the world’s ‘most competitive economy’

Which nation hosts the world’s most competitive economy? When it comes to economic stability, infrastructure and innovation, the outright winner is…Singapore, according to the World Economic Forum (W ...

Responsible investment

09 October 2019

How Asia’s investors can help combat climate change

We look into the state of climate finance across the Asia-Pacific region and delve into future trends for investment and lending activity.

The Evolving Economy

30 September 2019

Made in China 2.0: The digital economy drive

The term ‘made in China’ has enjoyed a digital economy revamp and makeover. Two decades ago, the nation was the low-cost “factory of the world”, selling apparel, footwear, toys and plastics to genera ...

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