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The Evolving Economy

How machine-learning can speed up diagnosis and treatment

The Evolving Economy

Robotics and Fintech: Shaping Asia’s Future

The Evolving Economy

The future of autonomous vehicles: China in the driving seat

Responsible investment

China tackles the dirty work of finance

Beijing is scrubbing up. Late last week, the central bank excluded so-called clean coal from a draft list of projects eligible for green bonds. It’s a significant move that puts the world’s number-tw ...

Responsible investment

Social climbing: ESG investors get their heads around social risks

Covid-19 has brought out the best and the worst of the corporate world. Carmakers are producing ventilators, and consumer firms are making hand-cleaning gels. Some others, though, have drawn complain ...

The Evolving Economy

Ten ways the longevity economy is changing the way we live now

Longevity is about ‘whole of life’ – not just end of life. People of all ages are likely to use goods and services that come under this umbrella – which includes wellness, health and me ...

Responsible investment

The electric vehicle revolution could be a benchmark for the circular economy

Back in 1872, a team of scientists boarded the HMS Challenger in Portsmouth, UK and set off on a 130,000-kilometre tour of the globe. The expedition catalogued more than 4,000 new species, but one of ...

Responsible investment

The Pandemic’s Gender Bias Needs Urgent Fixing

It is well established by now that the deadly coronavirus is anything but a “great equalizer.” Instead, large swaths of the population are confronting threats — both to their physical and thei ...

Market thinking

Six big ideas: what Joseph Stiglitz wants investors to know about the pandemic

Nobel laureate in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, spoke at an AXA IM event in June about the potential consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives and our portfolios. Here are six things to kno ...

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