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AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) is a subsidiary of the AXA Group.

In Asia, we have been offering asset management expertise to clients since 1998. We are a stable and trustworthy partner that

offers a comprehensive range of investment solutions to facilitate the growth objectives of our institutional and fund distribution clients.


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07 November 2019

Singles Day: An e-commerce retail phenomenon that mirrors China’s growth

How did Singles Day become the world’s largest online shopping day? How does it influence e-commerce and digitalisation?

Evolving Economy

31 October 2019

Singapore knocks US off top spot as the world’s ‘most competitive economy’

Which nation hosts the world’s most competitive economy? When it comes to economic stability, infrastructure and innovation, the outright winner is…Singapore, according to the World Economic Forum (W ...

20 October 2019

AXA IM on China and Asian Market – Oct 2019

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest views on China and Asian Market.

Responsible Investing

09 October 2019

How Asia’s investors can help combat climate change

We look into the state of climate finance across the Asia-Pacific region and delve into future trends for investment and lending activity.

Evolving Economy

30 September 2019

Made in China 2.0: The digital economy drive

The term ‘made in China’ has enjoyed a digital economy revamp and makeover. Two decades ago, the nation was the low-cost “factory of the world”, selling apparel, footwear, toys and plastics to genera ...

Responsible Investing

16 September 2019

The future of women at work in the age of automation

Concerted and creative solutions are needed to enable women to seize new opportunities in the automation age. We explore these solutions.


08 April 2019

Getting a handle on investing options in the age of accelerating climate change

In the age of accelerating climate change, investment management and strategy is ever important. We explore how to get a handle on your investments.

Evolving Economy

22 March 2019

How close are we to a cashless society?

The rapid rise of cashless payments and fintech solutions suggests a strong growth trajectory towards a cashless society. But just how close are we?

Responsible Investing

23 January 2019

Will the move to a low-carbon economy prove to be a boon for green bonds?

Find out more about how the drive to a low carbon economy is fuelling the rise of green bond investing in the ESG space


09 January 2019

China: Coping with a Silver Society

Aging populations are a global phenomenon - China will soon be at the forefront of this shift. What does it mean for investors and its demographic make up?

Responsible Investing

18 December 2018

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is highlighted in this year’s Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum. Four of the top five risks are environmental, and all have a higher ...

Evolving Economy

19 November 2018

The economic impact of the impending demographic decline

Find out why many emerging markets are likely to see a rise in longevity - a welcome development which could provide a demographic dividend.

02 November 2018

The Evolving Economy: New Opportunities as Life Expectancies Increase

Over the last 150 years, life expectancy has increased by two to three years each decade.


01 November 2018

The triumph of longevity

Dani Saurymper and Thomas Kirkwood discuss the implications and opportunities of longer life and how this impacts society at large. Read more.


14 October 2019

AXA IM's Matt Christensen reflects on the 2019 Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) conference

Market commentary

Matt Christensen, Global Head of Responsible Investment at AXA IM, shares his views from the 2019 Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) conference.

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08 October 2019

AXA IM announces appointments in its Core Investments leadership team

Press Release

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has announced today appointments in the Core Investments leadership team.

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04 October 2019

Investment Strategy

Market commentary

Laurent Clavel and Serge Pizem discuss their macroeconomic and asset allocation convictions for October 2019.

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