Macroeconomic Outlook 2021: In 2021: It Was A Very Good Year ...

So said Frank Sinatra, but do our experts agree that 2021 and beyond will be “good years”? In this 2021 outlook we discuss our macroeconomic forecasts and investment outlooks for the coming year.

Executive Summary 

Following an unparalleled 12 months, we enter 2021 with some light at the end of the tunnel. The arrival of vaccines will hopefully mean a swift reopening of economies, and a potential broad-based cyclical rally in risk assets. But the global economic rebound is unlikely to arrive prior to the second half of the year. Overall, we believe an end to the pandemic and ongoing policy support will contribute to a brighter future. Our 2021 Macroeconomic Outlook assesses what a post-coronavirus, ‘new-normal’ world will look like - and outlines the possible investment implications.

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Investment Outlook 2021 - A brighter future is possible