Tomorrow Augmented-Decade of Transition: The Changing Climate for Sustainable Investment

This Decade of Transition content series looks at how environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment will play a fundamental role in achieving a more sustainable future. Part 1 focuses on...

Tomorrow Augmented-Gene editing: The biotech bringing potential new investment opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic has made biotechnology front page news. The arrival of multiple vaccines in record time has starkly highlighted how innovative – and versatile – the sector can be.

Research-China Bond Market Primer: Entering the world's second largest bond market

China’s bond market reached $17 trillion in Q3-2020, making it the world’s second largest market after the US. The low market cap to GDP ratio compared with other markets suggests still significant...

Responsible Investment-A delicate balance: ESG, sustainability and returns

When environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds were in their infancy, a common misconception was that investing responsibly involved some trade-off in performance.

Macrocast-AXA IM Talk on Asia & China Market: Will Chinese Equities have a bull run in Year of the Ox?

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest macro views on China and Asian Market every month.

market-thinking-Why investors must be nimble to navigate Chinese stocks

Investing in emerging market (EM) assets brings with it various, distinctive risks. When it comes to China, the country’s scale and political system give equities investors and bondholders more...

Tomorrow Augmented-All eyes were on biotech in 2020: Some investor observations

It is now a year since the WHO declared an International Public Health Emergency after the first international case of a novel coronavirus infection was identified outside of China. We remain right...

Tomorrow Augmented-It’s a match: How do dating apps make money?

Online dating is now widely, and increasingly, accessible thanks to the adoption of smartphones - those in the market for romance can now easily search for potential partners using a variety of...

Market Thinking-Investing in a new growth path in China

China’s relatively quick rebound from the pandemic has seen it close its gap with the US as Beijing vies to overtake the world’s largest economy as soon as it can. And appeal for domestic stocks...

tomorrow-augmented-Business and climate change: The great disruptor

For most of the world, this year will be remembered mainly for covid-19. Starting in Asia, then spreading across Europe and America before taking hold in the emerging world, the pandemic has...

Tomorrow Augmented Social climbing: ESG investors get their heads around social risks

Covid-19 has brought out the best and the worst of the corporate world. Carmakers are producing ventilators, and consumer firms are making hand-cleaning gels. Some others, though, have drawn...

Tomorrow Augmented-Directed sales: The world’s leading brands jump on the direct-selling bandwagon

SELLING DIRECTLY to consumers used to be the preserve of upstart brands that would otherwise have been crowded off shop shelves by larger rivals. By cutting out retailers, young firms have won...

Yield-Seven myths behind high yield bonds

Interest rates may be at or close to record lows, but there are still opportunities within fixed income

Responsible Investment-Prepare for potholes on the road to recovery

In comparison to 2020, which was a year of economic contraction, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of moderate economic recovery.

Market Thinking-Investing in 2021: Reason to cheerful - and fearful

The news flow since the start of the year has arguably not given us many reasons to be cheerful. Lockdowns are becoming commonplace again - Germany and the UK are among those under renewed...

Fixed Income-Green bonds market expected to top the $1trn mark in 2021

Despite the year’s myriad of challenges, 2020 represented a huge step forward for the green bond market. There were a record number of issuances, following the launch of various sovereign bonds –...

Research-January OpEd: Central bankers never get to rest

Challenges around the virus and vaccine path continue to argue for supportive central banks.

Responsible Investment-COVID-19: Data privacy risks and potential opportunities

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to rethink the dynamics of data privacy risks and opportunities for technology companies

Fixed income-Why China’s bond defaults should ultimately boost investor confidence

Despite heightened levels of distress in China’s US$15 trillion credit space , investors stand to benefit from a new path for the onshore and offshore markets as they more efficiently price credit...

Macrocast-AXA IM Talk on Asia & China Market: Winners and Losers of RCEP

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest macro views on China and Asian Market every month.