Emerging Market Debts

What is Emerging Market debt?

This is the catch-all term for debt issued by emerging market countries and companies.

Why consider Emerging Market debt?

While the risks involved with investing in emerging markets are higher than in the developed world, the yields on offer are generally higher, which is attractive in the current environment of very depressed yields and the ongoing thirst for income.

Our approach to Emerging Market debt

Our emerging markets team focuses on income generation, while, at the same time, attempting to mitigate risk on the downside in order to achieve an attractive risk/return profile. Our team of investment experts is located throughout the world’s major markets and has a proven ability to innovate and to provide bespoke solutions aiming to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Following a fundamentally driven investment approach, we combine top-down and bottom up analysis to generate trade ideas for our investment strategies.  Our fundamental credit opinion is overlaid with relative value considerations, incorporating market technicals and sentiment, in order to come up with an optimal portfolio. Our size, particularly in corporate credit, affords us excellent access to the markets but we monitor intra-day relative-value and curve opportunities in order to take advantage of market liquidity rather than being captive to it.