The world is changing faster than ever. But what does this mean for investors and what should you do to capitalize on these changes?

From insights on the future of retail to the technologies that could help save our environment, you’ll find something in our Evolving Economy Insights Hub that can potentially help you to future-proof your investment portfolio.

Read on to discover our latest insights – and investment opportunities – across the five long-term growth themes that we call the Evolving Economy.

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Gene editing: The biotech bringing potential new investment opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic has made biotechnology front page news. The arrival of multiple vaccines in record time has starkly highlighted how innovative – and versatile – the sector can ...

All eyes were on biotech in 2020: Some investor observations

It is now a year since the WHO declared an International Public Health Emergency after the first international case of a novel coronavirus infection was identified outside of China. We remain right i ...

Digital economy

It’s a match: How do dating apps make money?

Online dating is now widely, and increasingly, accessible thanks to the adoption of smartphones - those in the market for romance can now easily search for potential partners using a variety of crite ...

Digital economy

How will digitalization create a more resilient post-pandemic world?

As we approached 2020, it was already clear that the digital revolution was transforming how we live—from how we work, to how we shop, to how we consume entertainment. It has also added a new ...

Digital economy

Infographics: Cyber Monday – 4 reasons online sales are surging

Ageing and lifestyle

Biotech and the battle to beat COVID-19

A year ago, SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the disease COVID-19, was unheard of. Today it dominates our daily lives. Its impact is unparalleled, having caused unprecedented levels of disruptio ...

Digital economy

Infographics: Singles Day - China’s biggest e-commerce phenomenon


How has the pandemic impacted the outlook for robotics?

There are now 2.7m industrial robots operating in factories worldwide. This marks a new record, and a significant 85% increase over the five years to 2019, according to the International Federation o ...

Digital economy

Data & Enablers: Behind the scenes of big brands’ digital transformations

With many new businesses adopting a digital-first strategy, big brands are increasingly digitalising their business models to keep pace with changing technologies and consumer demand