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Responsible investment

30 March 2020

How Impact Investing feeds the engine for the sustainability era

Impact investment is really all about seeking financial returns by tapping into one of the grand themes of this century – it just happens to be a theme defined by our transition to a more sust ...

Iggo's insight

27 March 2020

Denial, panic, hope.

We are passing through stages of a global social and economic disaster. The denial of February quickly became the panic of March. Now markets are responding to the massive policy response.

Diversity and inclusion

25 March 2020

Gender equality in Japan: Can ‘Womenomics’ deliver?

The gender pay gap in Japan is the third highest amongst the world’s major developed economies . Traditionally, women gave up their careers at marriage or at the birth of their first child. This is p ...

Iggo's insight

20 March 2020

Dark Days

As we all isolate and get used to home video conferences and virtual lunches, there is much to reflect on.

Macro insights

19 March 2020

March China & Asian Market Insight: Reassessing the ongoing impact of Covid-19

In this month’s video, Aidan Yao talks about the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on China and Asia and its implications on investment.

Iggo's insight

13 March 2020

A view from the markets – Looking for the turn

It is hard to be optimistic when the news is so bad. The virus spread is exponential and market declines are massive. Governments are having to impose emergency powers to deal with the health crisis ...

Responsible investment

10 March 2020

How does AXA-IM adapt portfolios to reflect the transition theme?

Electoral support for environmental parties signals a persistent, long term trend.

Responsible investment

10 March 2020

How have the UN SDGs helped to change the investment landscape?

Climate change, gender equality and healthy lives are the most investable UN SDGs

Responsible investment

10 March 2020

How will investors tailor portfolios to tackle the climate crisis?

Investors need assets which can align portfolios with the goals of the Paris agreement