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Iggo's insight

08 November 2019

A very British bounce?

There are potential opportunities in UK equities. However, these are dependent on the post-election and post-Brexit environment.

07 November 2019

Singles Day: An e-commerce retail phenomenon that mirrors China’s growth

How did Singles Day become the world’s largest online shopping day? How does it influence e-commerce and digitalisation?

Responsible investment

08 November 2019

Just Transition: Managing the social impact of a low-carbon transition

‘Just transition’ is the name given to an emerging concept taking into account the social impact on these workers and communities of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Iggo's insight

01 November 2019

Boom, bust or blah!

The end-cycle slowdown could still end up in a recession in the next year or so. But it would be an odd one. Real rates never got anywhere near as high as before previous recessions in the US and the ...

The Evolving Economy

31 October 2019

Singapore knocks US off top spot as the world’s ‘most competitive economy’

Which nation hosts the world’s most competitive economy? When it comes to economic stability, infrastructure and innovation, the outright winner is…Singapore, according to the World Economic Forum (W ...

Research & Investment Strategy

23 October 2019

October Investment Strategy - Re-balance sheet policy

With some progress on the trade war and Brexit, some tail risks are receding. But we are far from resolution.

20 October 2019

AXA IM on China and Asian Market – Oct 2019

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest views on China and Asian Market.

Iggo's insight

11 October 2019


Markets have performed well this year despite all the uncertainties. A clearing of some of those is possible in the weeks ahead (possible I said, not probable). If that does happen, risk is likely to ...

The Evolving Economy

09 October 2019

How Asia’s investors can help combat climate change

We look into the state of climate finance across the Asia-Pacific region and delve into future trends for investment and lending activity.