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Oct China & Asian Market Insight: “First in first out” - China’s economy continues to lead the global recovery

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest macro views on China and Asian Market every month.

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Go for growth

The economy always plays a role in how people vote. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the economy had performed well under Trump.

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

The decade of transition got off to a start nobody could have predicted – or wanted. Less than year into the 2020s, the world is reeling from the shock of COVID-19, a pandemic which has taken ...

The Evolving Economy

Data & Enablers: Behind the scenes of big brands’ digital transformations

With many new businesses adopting a digital-first strategy, big brands are increasingly digitalising their business models to keep pace with changing technologies and consumer demand

Responsible investment

An evolving process: Understanding ESG challenges and opportunities in Asian credit

Home to some of the world’s pre-eminent economic growth engines, Asia’s credit market is gaining increasing traction from global investors - as is its addressing of environmental, social and governan ...

The Evolving Economy

Directed sales: The world’s leading brands jump on the direct-selling bandwagon

SELLING DIRECTLY to consumers used to be the preserve of upstart brands that would otherwise have been crowded off shop shelves by larger rivals. By cutting out retailers, young firms have won brand ...

The Evolving Economy

Price is no longer an obstacle to clean power

As the harm from climate change becomes increasingly manifest, there is some good news: The estimated cost of reducing carbon emissions is falling rapidly. One dramatic example is an analysis by Geof ...

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Second lock

The increased number of positive COVID-19 cases across Europe has led to some restrictions on social mobility being re-imposed.

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No V in earnings

Social distancing seems to be affecting the ability of Premier League defenders to defend. Governments are closing bars and restaurants.