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Iggo's insight

24 January 2020

Be Responsible

The logic of responsible investing comes from its appeal “of doing the right thing”. If responsible investing reduces risks and contributes to better outcomes, then it is beneficial to individuals an ...

Research & Investment Strategy

22 January 2020

US-China: A silver lining in a strained relationship

Increased external pressure could force China to accelerate structural economic transformation


20 January 2020

January China & Asian Market Insight: 2020 Asian Market and Investment Outlook

AXA IM’s Senior Emerging Asia Economist, Aidan Yao, shares his latest views on China and Asian Market.

Iggo's insight

17 January 2020

Cautiously Optimistic

It’s been a very solid start to the year. The “risk” dial has been turned down and investors seem happy to be in the momentum trade. The Q4 earnings season is underway and the optimists will point to ...

Diversity and inclusion

15 January 2020

China: Gender equality begins in the womb, and continues through life

The challenges for women in China start from birth, where selective abortions have led to a skew in the number of baby girls born compared to boys.

The Evolving Economy

13 January 2020

The transformation of retail banking in a digital world

This is true in today’s increasingly digital world, where retail banks globally are faced with ongoing advances in technology, which are shifting customers’ expectations - and changing the regulatory ...

Iggo's insight

10 January 2020

Growth better, returns maybe not

Lower global interest rates and renewed central bank balance sheet growth helped deliver great returns across bonds and equities in 2019.

Responsible investment

08 January 2020

Bringing an 'impact' mindset to listed equities

It’s time to rethink the purpose of investing.

The Evolving Economy

06 January 2020

Asia taps new technologies to drive growth and transform economies

Financial technology, or fintech, is creating business opportunities and driving engagement across much of Asia. It’s borne of necessity as much as anything, particularly in the region’s less develop ...