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Central bankers think inflation has undershot medium term targets in recent years.

Fixed income

Capturing the ‘demographic dividend’ in emerging market debt

Due to advances in medicine and greater knowledge of how factors such as nutrition impact health, people can look forward to longer lives. Overall, the average population age at a global level is rap ...

Responsible investment

What does Responsible Investment mean in practice?

Responsible investing refers to strategies and practices that incorporate ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership.

Responsible investment

Engagement is not something which happens over night

Active ownership is about using your rights and influence as an investor to engage investee companies in a productive dialogue and driving change that can make a tangible difference.

Responsible investment

Decade of Transition: Why a Socially Aware Investment Approach Pays Dividends

The pandemic has pushed the “S” of ESG to the top of the news agenda. Social welfare concerns have forced companies to scramble to keep employees safe, while investors are demanding a fair deal for

Fixed income

Four reasons to favour Asian high yield

Given the volume of global bonds carrying low – or even negative – yields, Asian high yield debt has offered yield-hungry investors a route to returns that has been too meaningful to ig ...

Responsible investment

Evolving economy: On the lookout for leaders as opportunities grow

It has been estimated that around 75% of the infrastructure that will be needed in 2050 does not yet exist . That simple estimate signals significant change ahead for investors – and significa ...

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Fuel from the bin

As time goes by, it becomes clearer what needs to be done to accelerate the shift to a zero carbon economy.

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May Op-Ed - Inflation anxiety

While there is no “smoking gun” yet, the probability of a genuine self-sustained shift upward in the inflation trajectory is clearly rising in the US.