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Fixed income

Why might China’s property dollar bonds remain a resilient yield generator?

The offshore US dollar bond market for China’s property developers has long been an area that many view with fascination. Its vast scale, the complexity behind how it was developed and its sensitivit ...

Responsible investment

Social climbing: ESG investors get their heads around social risks

Thanks to COVID-19, ESG factors - and the social element in particular - are in the limelight

The Evolving Economy

Ten ways the longevity economy is changing the way we live now

Longevity is about ‘whole of life’ – not just end of life. People of all ages are likely to use goods and services that come under this umbrella – which includes wellness, health and me ...

Iggo's insight

A view from the markets – True Faith

Forward markets don’t see US 2-year Treasury yields above 1% again for at least five years. The technology sector has just delivered blow-out earnings numbers for Q2.

Fixed income

Fixed Income in COVID-19: Adapting to protracted low interest rates

The COVID-19 pandemic has widened several fault lines that existed before the crisis struck. Income inequality, big power geopolitical tensions, and the separation of financial markets from the real ...

Responsible investment

How to blend factors to invest sustainably

How do you like your coffee? Whatever you prefer, all coffees contain a small number of key ingredients. Factor investing may sound complex, but in essence, it’s nothing new. For decades, investors h ...

Responsible investment

2020 Proxy Voting Season Review: Beyond ‘business as usual’

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought disruption to voting season across Europe, North America and Japan. Companies struggled to host in-person meetings, but many quickly moved to hold virtual AGMs, a ...

Research & Investment Strategy

Natural language processing – a new tool to decode the Fed

Until recently, quantitative economic analysis has been mainly based on the study of hard data and survey evidence. However, new quantitative analysis techniques have paved the way to explore alterna ...

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Stewardship and the pandemic

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted stewardship and how we might invest?