Investment Capabilities

The investment landscape has become increasingly challenging – yields are low, inflation is returning and regulatory complexity continues to expand. At the same time, technology is rapidly advancing and people are living longer than ever before, shifting global demographics significantly. To navigate this new terrain, fresh thinking is needed. Our investment platforms are designed to offer the greatest flexibility to our clients for both core and specialist asset classes.

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Fixed Income 

Through bottom-up credit analysis and top-down macroeconomic research, our specialists aim to deliver outcome-oriented solutions for our clients via a suite of products that span the fixed income spectrum.

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Framlington Equities

With more than four decades of active equity investment experience, our experts employ a bottom-up investment approach with the aim of helping clients successfully navigate the changing investment landscape and capture the growth drivers of tomorrow.

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Rosenberg Equities

To identify investment opportunities, our quantitative investing pioneers use technology and modelling to deliver fundamental strategies underpinned by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. 

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Multi Asset

Multi-asset funds are able to invest across the investment horizon and can be made of equities, bonds, cash and other investment vehicles. This can provide a potentially greater degree of diversification than investing in a single asset class.

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Responsible Investing

We define responsible investing (RI) as an investment process that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its approach. RI enables clients to align their investments with global megatrends that are changing the investment landscape. Issues such as increasing regulation, the growing need for risk mitigation and a heightened social conscience can be more effectively addressed by integrating ESG factors into the investment process.


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