What are Regional Equities?

A Regional Equities strategy invests in companies within a specific geographic region. This can be a continent, like Asia or Europe, for example, a type of economy, for instance emerging markets, or even a single country. 

Why consider a Single Country or Regional strategy?

A Single Country or Regional strategy can provide an efficient vehicle with which to increase exposure to a desired country or region that might be underrepresented in a global or international index. It can also be useful when an investor feels that a particular region or country has the potential to outperform the broader market and he or she has the ability to build a diversified portfolio by purchasing various country/regional products. Finally, if unhedged, such a strategy can also provide currency diversification.

Our approach to Regional and Single Country Equities UK

A core focus of the Framlington Equity offering, our UK Equity team covers large, Mid and Small-Cap sectors. The team has over 30 years’ experience  and combines in-depth, bottom-up research, including a rigorous schedule of company meetings, with a strong top-down understanding of the broad macroeconomic drivers at work within the UK economy.


We have over 30 years’ experience managing European Equities and our range of funds covers everything from broad pan-European solutions to more focused, country-specific offerings. Core solutions adopt a growth orientated investment philosophy, while our country specialists take an unconstrained approach.

Emerging markets

Allocating to sectors rather than countries, our experienced managers combine a bottom-up approach with a rigorous schedule of company meetings in an effort to find companies that we believe can consistently generate a superior return on invested capital. 

The US

We apply a disciplined approach to growth investing with a focus on companies that we see as leaders in their field. We have a bias toward Mid-Caps and sectors with high levels of innovation.


We take a multi-cap approach to Asia that includes an ability to invest in the Chinese A Share market. Combining macroeconomics with a thematic approach and company specific analysis, we are focused on trying to find companies that we believe show above average yield and/or seeking growth in dividends.