Rosenberg Equities - Quantitative Investing

What is quantitative investing?

Quantitative investing uses technology and modelling to perform investment analysis, identify investment opportunities, and to select what goes into, and what is left out of a portfolio.

An ongoing evolution

Investing and client requirements have changed dramatically in the past decade. Technology has advanced and, with it, the sophistication of investors. Increased use of passive approaches, lower fees and a growing focus on client outcomes means that investment needs are increasingly solutions driven. At the same time, big data and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming ever more important to investors. Quantitative investing process can be highly adaptable to these trends, offering scalable, low-cost solutions that target outcomes and can easily incorporate new data and technologies for the benefit of clients.

Our approach

We are pioneers in quantitative equity investing, and continue to be at the cutting edge of where data, technology and investment strategy meet. We have been using advanced modelling techniques since 1985 to conduct deep, fundamental analysis of companies around the globe and continue to innovate, both in the use of new technology and data but also in the solutions we develop for our clients. We pride ourselves on being responsible investors – integrating ESG considerations, controlling risk and minimising costs. Our mission is to partner with clients to deliver sustainable, outcome oriented, investment solutions.

ESG integration

Few asset managers put ESG (environmental, social and governance) beliefs at the heart of their investment philosophy, but our commitment is such that we have integrated ESG criteria into our core investment process across all of our strategies.  We are committed to a more sustainable form of equity investing and believe that this will deliver better investment results in the long term.