The world is changing faster than ever. But what does this mean for investors and what should you do to capitalize on these changes?

From insights on the future of retail to the technologies that could help save our environment, you’ll find something in our Evolving Economy Insights Hub that can potentially help you to future-proof your investment portfolio.

Read on to discover our latest insights – and investment opportunities – across the five long-term growth themes that we call the Evolving Economy.

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Evolving Economy

Office life reinvented: What now for the future of real estate?

The COVID-19 pandemic has induced many major changes in people’s behaviour as social distancing and city lockdowns were enforced across the globe. For one, there has been a seismic shift in terms of ...

Digital economy

The next frontier of shopping will be live-streamed

Years before Covid-19 reared its hideous head and gave the world an urgent reason to shop from home, retail influencers were livestreaming inside of boutiques, offering product closeups and even tryi ...

Evolving Economy

Innovation and collaboration: The key to finding a coronavirus vaccine

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, it quickly became apparent that the only way the world will really return to normal is if a vaccine is found. As a result, the level of innovation and mass colla ...


Semiconductors: The brain enabling technology shifts

Since the creation of the first silicon-based device in the 1940s, the semiconductor industry has been at the centre of the technological revolution. Traditionally associated with computers, advance ...

Digital economy

How COVID-19 has accelerated trends in the digital economy

Many companies at the centre of the digital economy have been well-placed to support life under lockdown

Digital economy

How education could change after coronavirus: E-learning platforms, tools and strategies

The pandemic has forced schools and universities all over the world to forge ahead with digital learning. But what we are experiencing in the COVID-19 emergency is perhaps only the beginning of one o ...

Coronavirus: How the pandemic has reinforced China’s tech ambition

Some industries will likely suffer permanent impairments, leading to painful adjustments ahead, but others could potentially benefit from the tailwinds created by the shock.

The Evolving Economy: How companies are navigating long-term trends

In this video, find out more about how markets and companies have evolved over time, and how the investment universe is changing as a result.

Everyday Artificial Intelligence: From Hype to Reality

Los Angeles, 2019: a rain-soaked metropolis of flying cars, street food markets and androids hiding in plain sight. Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie, offered a dystopian view of a future popul ...