What are Small Caps?

Typically representing the smallest 15% of companies in a market or region, Small Caps are an area of opportunity that may be overlooked by investors as they are less well known and less well covered by investment analysts.

Why consider Small Cap strategies?

Small Caps can be attractive for a number of reasons. Smaller firms often have huge growth potential and can be more dynamic than their larger peers. Small Caps can sometimes be more sheltered from the global themes that can affect larger multinational businesses, so may offer diversification benefits for investors.

Our approach to Small Caps

We believe our systematic approach to investing is well suited to identify opportunities amongst smaller companies. The use of technology gives our research tremendous breadth and depth, which is a particular advantage when investing in smaller companies: we currently cover an investment universe of more than 12,000 Small Cap stocks. As such, we are able to capture investment opportunities others may overlook and can build well-diversified exposure to fundamentally attractive smaller companies across both developed and emerging markets globally.

Small cap investing is in our DNA, and we have been managing US small caps since 1987 and global small caps since 1999.